To serve or not to serve…

Being a little bakery in a historic seaside resort town, it was no surprise to us that business is slower during the months of January/February.  We’ve had so many locals ask us to offer all natural lunch specials, plus two other Main Street restaurants close for these winter months, that we decided to take “the plunge”.

Shelly and I love to bake and cook, but for the lunch items we turned to our mother, Shirley, for the menu line up.  She has many specialties and is famous for her homemade macaroni and cheese and Pasta Fagioli which is an Italian bean and ham soup loaded with garlic and tomatoes.  We offer mostly soups and decided not to offer sandwiches and we kept the price under $5 advertising that “you can get an affordable all-natural lunch on the go when you get “BAKED” at the beach”.

The response has been great!  Customers who had never come in, stopped by to get lunch and are now regular customers, but we are faced with a dilemma.  Do we continue to serve lunch?  Why not you might ask?  You see, the space is very small, we’re talking 8 – 1/2 feet wide by 90 feet long.   Shelly and I often joke that it’s a good thing we are related because when we’re both working in the kitchen it can get, let’s just say, close.  We’re also coming up on our season of “shear craziness”.   Last Spring/Summer/Fall, we barely had room for the baked goods.  Then there’s the issue of the other restaurants opening for the season.  We’re not really interested in competing for the “lunch crowd”, we were just trying to “fill a void”.

I think the answer is obvious.  We’ll have to talk more about it, but it’s likely that we will continue to focus our energy on creating the best all-natural desserts, baked goods, breads and beverage on the Eastern Shore, even the world, leaving our Main Street neighbors to serve the breakfast and lunch crowd.