When one door closes, one door might just blow open!

It’s not all cupcakes and sprinkles!  Sometimes in life, even when everything seems right with the world, unwelcome change can blow in and “blow you away”.  It is with great sadness and disappointment that we share the news of the change that is coming to BAKED.  Our little “bowling alley” of a building has been sold and we have been informed by our landlord that we must vacate the premises located at 120 N. Main Street by July 1, 2011.

When renegotiating our lease in March we were made aware that our building was officially on the market.  Shelly and I have spent the last two month working to see if it was possible for us to purchase the quirky little space.   Heck, we had an amazing first year.  We learned so much!  Shelly and I were able to buy out our friend and partner this past Spring and we were looking forward to a record-breaking Summer.   We certainly never imagined that we would be given roughly 30 days notice to leave.  There must be a better opportunity out there for us.  We truly believe that when one door closes, one door just might blow wide open! Bring on “the wind”!

We love the little historic seaside town of Berlin and never imagined opening our business anywhere else.  In fact, we had our eye on 120 N. Main Street for years before our dream of opening an all natural dessert cafe was realized.  We put countless hours and loads of “sweat equity” into rehabilitating the interior and courtyard.  We love baking and have thoroughly enjoy serving the community of Berlin.  The thing we love most of all happens to be the people we serve.  We have always felt welcomed and supported  by the community and the other local businesses.   We have made so many friends, friends that we know will be life long.

So what now?  I would be lying if I said that we weren’t terribly disappointed, but we will not wallow in that “pool” for long.  We are  concentrating our energy into finding a new home for Baked Dessert Cafe.  We will continue to provide “the best customers on the planet” great desserts, breads and beverages at 120 N. Main Street until the very last hour and we will keep you posted on our progress.  Get “BAKED” at the beach!