Do you bake it in house or do you make it in house?

Made from scratch!

Made from scratch!

In the good old days, to purchase baked goods you made the trip to your local bakery where everything was made in house. Now, you can find confections everywhere from coffee shops to big box stores and everywhere in between, most of whom will proudly claim that they “bake” their sweets in house. “You bake it in house or you make it in house” is the question we should all be asking.

There is a difference you know, particularly to your overall well being. You see making something from scratch with quality ingredients is totally different from buying frozen, ready to bake confections loaded with artificial ingredients like artificial flavoring, coloring, preservatives and trans fats and taking it from the freezer to the oven. Would you rather eat a cookie that’s been made by hand with butter, sugar, eggs, real vanilla and unbleached flour or one that someone has pulled out of the deep freeze, made on an assembly line with chemical preservatives, fake flavoring and God knows what else?

Of course, wholesale ready made confections cost less too. Can you compare the cost of a muffin made fresh with real fruit to one that comes from a bucket of pre-made batter that contains so many preservatives you can keep and even refreeze the bucket several times? This stuff is made in mass quantity with “crap” ingredients on machines so of course it’s gonna cost less, but is what you save worth it?

The next time you’re out and about and you stop to get something sweet or savory don’t be afraid to ask the question. Remember…you are what you eat!