It's Not All Cupcakes and Sprinkles

The history of our Peach Dumpling…the Official Dessert of Berlin!

Before we even opened our doors in April of 2010, our friend and business partner Jill had an idea for us to develop and present to the Town Counsel the idea of an official dessert for Berlin, Maryland. We thought … Continue reading

gourmet cupcakes

Is it better to look good or to be good?

Is it better to look good or to be good, that is the question?  I’m talking cakes/cupcakes here, ones that have been frosted with all-natural American buttercream.  Although this question could easily apply to a multitude of things with a … Continue reading

Loving the fresh foods of Summer…Refrigerator Peach Basil Preserves!

I know I haven’t blogged in a while.  The days and nights seem to be flying by and like most people I know, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day.  So it is really hard for me … Continue reading

The "cutest team" award!

Racing for the Cure….

Today, Komen Race for the Cure came to Ocean City, Maryland.  Despite the wind and driving rain, more than 2,000 men, women, children, babies, people of all races, shapes and sizes, ran/walked/strolled the race to help find a cure for … Continue reading


Wow, hard to believe, but we just celebrated our 2nd Anniversary doing business in Berlin and we’re happy to report that we are alive and well! We’ve learned tons in the last 2 years!  Of course, there have been ups … Continue reading

Baked Dessert Cafe and Gallery

We don’t accept tips, but we will PAY IT FORWARD everyday!

If you know us, you know that we are big fans of the “Pay It Forward” movement. If you don’t know, the expression “pay it forward” is used to describe the concept of asking that a good turn be repaid … Continue reading

Irish Soda Bread

You asked for it…Moist and Flavorful Irish Soda Bread!

Ok, I’m not Irish.  As a matter of fact, I consider myself to be a “mutt” although my husband says that I am Italian by marriage.  So suffice it to say that the only reason I ever even thought to … Continue reading

Totally “Baked” Danny Boy Cupcake!

You all might have heard about a popular drink served particularly around St. Patty’s Day call the Irish Car Bomb.  You make one by adding Bailey’s and Jameson to a shot glass.  You layer the Bailey’s on the bottom.  After … Continue reading

What to Whip Up for St. Patrick’s Day?

I can’t believe that March is almost here and that means “Saint Patrick’s Day” is right around the corner. Last year we learned the fine art of baking Irish Soda Bread and offered Chocolate Stout Cupcake with Irish Cream Buttercream … Continue reading

Feed Your Sweet Tooth!

My “Feed Your Sweet Tooth Diet” Week #2

Day 8… Weighed in today at 152lbs.  Whoohoo, 1.5 lbs lost!  I know that might not sound like much, but I’m taking it.  Also, took my measurements and although the waist and hips didn’t budge, my bust area is down … Continue reading