It's Not All Cupcakes and Sprinkles

My "Feed Your Sweet Tooth" Diet!

Feed Your Sweet Tooth Diet…Week #1 Lost 1.5 lbs.!

My Rules… the do’s Exercise at least 6 days per week for at least 30 minutes Drink 64 oz. of water daily including at least 8oz before each meal Eat mindfully, putting the utensil down between bites Eat a serving … Continue reading

My "Feed Your Sweet Tooth" Diet!

Can my “Feed Your Sweet Tooth Diet” work?

Can I feed my Sweet Tooth daily and still loose a little weight? My sister Shelly and I own an all natural bakery in Berlin, Maryland.  There’s no denying that we love sweets and  in our business, we want you … Continue reading

Sister Love!

The big BALL DROP and Getting “BAKED” at the beach…a year in review!

If I could describe 2011 in one word it would be “AMAZING”! The last night of it was no exception.  We spent it with the people we love, loyal customers and thousands of others who gathered in Berlin to watch … Continue reading

The Perfect Little Cookie!

My brain hasn’t fully processed the fact that the Summer is over, let alone, Thanksgiving and with Christmas right around the corner, we’re “busy bees” at the bakery. I really want to organize a “Recipe Exchange” where customers bring their … Continue reading


Dust off your Pumpkin Carving gear and get your creative juices flowing… Baked Dessert Cafe and Gallery’s PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST to benefit Berlin’s local food banks $100 GRAND PRIZE PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD CELEBRITY JUDGE’S PICK CHILDREN UNDER 12 OCTOBER 29TH … Continue reading

"Marshmallow Fluffiness"

Marshmallow Fluff

I don’t know why Fall makes me think of Marshmallow Fluff, but it does. This delicious confectionary concoction is simply wonderful on nut butter sandwiches, stuffed into Whoopie Pies, mixed with cream cheese for a creamy fruit dip and even … Continue reading

Baked Defulat Post Thumbnail

“He was a salt of the earth kind of guy”, may he rest in peace.

People come in and out of are lives and some leave lasting impression.  Our landlord, Ed Hammond passed away in a tragic car accident last week and although we didn’t know him long, he is someone who Shelly and I … Continue reading

Tomato Pie

Summer’s end and a fantastic recipe with homegrown tomatoes?

I view Summer as a precious gift!  Why does it go by faster than any other season?  Does it seem to anyone else that the kids start school earlier and earlier each year?  Summer is my favorite season!  I love … Continue reading

Baked's Berlin T-shirt

Buy Local…the Challenge!

There is a challenge in our area to go one month purchasing local food and product without buying from sources like chain supermarkets and warehouse stores.  We have accepted this challenge personally and professionally and can attest to the fact … Continue reading

Raggedy Robbins

A recipe reminiscent of my childhood!

Whether it be the smell and of course the taste of your granny’s freshly baked chocolate puddin’ cake, the smell of sunscreen, a freshly cut lawn or hearing an oldie, but goodie song on the radio, there’s a variety of … Continue reading