The BUZZ that gives back!

Roasted exclusively for BAKED by Open Seas Coffee Roasters

Roasted exclusively for BAKED by Open Seas Coffee Roasters

We are so proud to introduce BAKED Beans, our newest dark roast coffee with hints of burnt sugar and notes of spice.

Partnering with Open Seas Coffee Roasters, we are able to provide you with an exceptional cup of coffee, while also supporting their 10-4 Farmer Initiative.  What does that mean exactly?  It means that Open Seas, even though a small business, is a business committed to impacting this world for the better and when you choose to drink it either in the bakery or purchasing a retail bag to brew at home, you do too!

For every cup of Open Seas coffee you drink  approximately 10L of clean drinking water is given to a real villager in one of the source countries. And for every 12oz bag purchased,  210L of clean drinking water is given. That is over 30 days worth of clean water!  Through the 10-4 Farmers Initiative, Open Seas is investing 10% of their gross profits into sustainable water filtration systems for coffee farming communities and surrounding areas.

As amazing as that all is, you won’t want to make your purchase just because of the positive impact; let the coffee quality speaks for itself!  BAKED Beans Coffee is brewed everyday at BAKED Dessert Cafe and available whole bean or fresh ground so that you can get BAKED and get the BUZZ that gives back!