Could the end of the cupcake trend be around the corner?

What has made the cupcake so popular and is the trend toward “cupcakeries” fading?  Jacob Goldstein atNPR posed that question in response to a Wall Street Journal story that linked the popularity of cupcakes to growth in the New York City job market. Goldstein asserted that we are in a cupcake bubble: “‘Did they really think cupcakes were different than cake?’ the world will ask after the cupcake market implodes.

Will the consumer fall out of love with the cupcake?  I think not!  Will the shops that solely sell cupcakes survive?  I’m not sure.  What I do know is that the cupcake is the perfect individual dessert for both adults and children.  It’s single serve size allows for a guilt free indulgence, a personal mini cake at an affordable price.  The flavor combinations and decoration possibilities are endless and run the gamut from simple to gourmet and elegant.  They are the perfect dessert for every celebration including children’s birthday parties, showers, weddings, even corporate events.

No matter what the trend, ‘BAKED” will continue to create all natural cupcakes in various flavor combinations to be included on our  all natural  dessert menu.