May God Bless and Keep You Brucie Boy!

I am blessed to have such a great family and group of friends to share my life.  Some of those friends have literally become part of my family, as is the case with my dear friend Bruce who lost his battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis on Saturday.

You might have met Bruce in our bakery on occasion.  He was our “Guest Chef” during a 2nd Friday Art Stroll and an avid cook/baker.  He told me that his love of cooking developed from tinkering in the kitchen with his mother and grandmother when he was just a young boy.  Some of his most amazing recipes were his German Apple Cake, his  Coconut Pound Cake and his Curried Crab Soup…”DELISH” he use to say.  Unlike some great chefs/cooks, Bruce was happy to share his recipes with others and even allowed us to bake and sell his creations in the cafe.  As much as Bruce enjoyed his own preparations, cooking for his family and friends gave him the most pleasure.

The one thing I wish I had recorded and kept to share with you about Bruce was his laugh.  His laugh was the best laugh I’ve ever heard.  It was absolutely contagious!  When Bruce laughed it just made you happy.  I will forever miss Bruce, his kind and gentle spirit, his warm hugs and kisses, his love and friendship, but honest to God, I will miss hearing Bruce’s laugh the most.

I am grateful to have met Bruce and to have shared any part of my life with him.  May God Bless and Keep you Brucie, prayers for you, John, Doris, Ron, Gail and all of your family and network of friends who will dearly miss you.