Mini Magic and the Dessert Bar!

Good things come in small packages!

Good things come in small packages!

The newest trend in wedding and special occasion dessert options is the “dessert bar”. Instead of just cake, the selection includes an assortment of various desserts, which can ultimately satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

When creating a “dessert bar” for our customer, we first like to begin with the budget…no sense in designing options that are outside of the $$$ comfort zone. Usually we suggest that the order include at least 3 pieces of dessert per person and that those options are bite size, hence the Mini Magic.

The possibilities here are endless and should be suited to the customer’s taste. Everything from cookies to cupcakes, cannoli, pies and even our famous Peach Dumpling and Croclair can be miniaturized!
For most weddings, we usually do suggest that a 6″ cake be included if the bride and groom are interested in a traditional cake cutting. Once plated and tiered in the desired fashion, a “dessert bar” can be as stylized and sophisticated as a traditional tiered cake.

So, next time your are planning a special occasion, consider including a “dessert bar” and make some Mini Magic happen!