Sacrificing Sweets?

With “Fat Tuesday” almost over and hundreds, thousands, even millions of Christians preparing to “give something up” in preparation of this  Lenten season, I  wondered what percentage of people will choose to sacrifice sweets during this spiritual time?  If the “bussle” in the bakery today is any indication, I would say that many were in a last minute scramble to feed their sweet tooth before the stroke of midnight.

Of course, that thought sends chills up my spine since  the success of running a small bakery does require that consumers purchase sweets…lots of them   I get it though.  I’ve suffered through my fair share of Lenten seasons deprived of chocolate.  I mean really, if you love sweets, going without for 40 days is a significant sacrifice.

What, or if, you decide to “give something up” during this Lenten season is your own personal choice.  We would simply like to suggest that if you do choose to “give up” sweets, you also consider “giving a sweet” to someone you love or how about a coworker, neighbor, teacher.  For that matter,  show your appreciation to everyone and anyone who has made a positive impact in your life.

At Baked Dessert Cafe we’ve decided to celebrate this season by “giving”.  For the next 40 days we’ll give you 10% off your entire order when you mention this blog post.  Whether you’ve chosen to “give something up”  makes no difference.  If your purchasing for your personal enjoyment or simply bringing joy to another, no matter, just find us and get “BAKED”!