Thanks Java Bay Cafe’!

Baked Dessert Cafe’s all natural goodies are now available at the Java Bay Cafe’ inside the Yacht Club in Ocean Pines, Maryland.   Thanks to the progressive thinking of their management team, their commitment to all natural products and to local sourcing, we are thrilled to deliver fresh, handcrafted goodies and desserts to be enjoyed daily.   The delightful atmosphere of the internet cafe along with the picturesque views of the water and marina, make it the perfect spot to get “BAKED” at the beach.

We’ve had a lot of fans ask if we are interested in selling our products to other local restaurants and hotels in and around Ocean City, Maryland.  Of course we are!   Although in this economy, it’s difficult to compete with the price of  products that are offered and distributed by the local food service companies.   These products are cheaper because they are made in mass quantity, usually on an assembly line and utilizing less expensive ingredients.  We understand that profit margins are a main concern when running a business and that not everyone cares about all natural and handcrafted, but those who only compare price are not comparing “apples to apples”.

My sister Shelly and I do all of the baking.   We use only the finest, all natural  ingredients like Valrhona chocolate, unbleached, unbromated flours, real vanilla and sweet cream butter.  We bake our desserts and goodies in small batches to insure the ultimate in freshness.

Could we bake at a cheaper price?   We could, but we won’t because we are committed to the high quality of serving all natural greatness!  We’re confident that when you find us and get “BAKED” at the beach you will taste the difference for yourself.  We guarantee, it’s worth it!