To Decorate with Fondant or Not to Decorate with Fondant…that’s the question?

Thanks to shows like the Ace of Cake and Cake Boss, most people are familiar with the use of fondant as a way to customize and decorate cakes, cupcakes and cookies.  For those who are unfamiliar, fondant originated in Europe in the 18th century.  It is a pliable sugar paste which can be molded and sculpted to create literally whatever can be imagined.

We’ve used our fair share of fondant to decorate desserts for our clients.  Honestly, if you want something truly unique, custom and stylized, there’s nothing like it.  The dilemma has always been that fondant is unnatural.  It’s loaded with artificial flavors and colorings which don’t fit our all-natural philosophy.  In addition, it adds considerable cost to the project and most people don’t care for how it tastes, so they pick it off and discard it which we believe to be wasteful.  For those reasons, we try to steer people away from its use or at the very least we encourage them to use it sparingly.

How do we satisfy our customers and ourselves?  There are several bakeries in our area that are very good at and interested in decorating with fondant.  Lately, we have been referring our customers who desire this kind of elaborate decoration to them.  The customer is satisfied, we’ve referred them to a local business and we remain true to what we feel is most important…at Baked Dessert Cafe, Fine Art & Wine Gallery we serve foods that are free of artificial color, flavor, preservatives and trans-fat and our customers are well served.